About Us

About us

Case Jeeto® is a techno-legal platform

What we do? Our Promise?

We empowering You with right knowledge and industry practices, so that You can take right steps in your journey of Case Jeeto®!

Happy You! 

Case Jeeto® is a techno-legal platform for individuals seeking solutions for their insurance-related issues or grievances – be it sales, services, or insurance claims.

We are committed to empowering our customers by providing them requisite information, knowledge, industry practices, and winning strategies so that, they can take the right steps in their journey to win cases!  

We are a dedicated team of individuals with the only objective to help genuine customers and empowering them to win cases – Case Jeeto®

When to Contact Us? Who Should Contact Us? How do we serve You? How much will it cost You?

We will love to hear from You. You can reach us at any time and we would be happy to help You in your journey of Case Jeeto® 

While we are sure, if You have contacted us well in time, You will not face any issues as such,  but in case You are facing any issue related to servicing of your insurance policy or claim under your insurance policy or you feel that you have been cheated or taken for granted… Please reach out to us immediately at Case Jeeto ® 

We will work to make sure that You get what you rightly deserve in your journey to success. 

We are passionate to ensure that justice is delivered… and also try that justice is not delayed... as we also strongly believe –Justice delayed is Justice denied!” 

We would be happy to hear from You! 

If You want to enhance your Insurance Quotient (“IQ”) or have any concern with regards to your insurance policy, be it a servicing issue, sales issue or claims issue – please do reach out to Us and we would be happy to help in your journey of Case Jeeto.®

Key driver for us to serve is You and what drives Us is our passion to ensure that we help You in your journey of Case Jeeto® 

We understand each one of us is different and so are our insurance issues. We believe one size fit all does not work when it comes to insurance related issues. We will work with You by understanding your individual concern and would help you resolve the same based on your unique circumstances. 

We would be providing You with requisite information, knowledge, industry practices and wining strategies so that, You can to take right steps in your journey to win cases – Case Jeeto®  

We may also take up your Case with our panel of industry experts, so that You get relevant guidance.  

We are passionate of what we do and hence while money is important, it’s not the only thing that drive us to serve You! 

We generally charge one time registration fees of Rs <> as that helps us to serve You better. 

We are committed to serve the community we live in and hence please feel free to reach out to us for waiver of one time registration fees, if for any genuine reason it is not possible for You to pay the one time registration fees and we shall be happy to serve You without any fees, as its important for us that You win in your journey of  Case Jeeto®

Our Team

Our expert team members will assist you.

Firms need to realize the importance of working well with their teammates when coming into a new role or an existing one. A team player is more valuable.