No you will not be sharing proceed of your insurance claim money with Case Jeeto. 

We do not take commission on the amount you receive from the Insurance Company, as we strongly believe that such amount is your rightful money and no one should eye that amount for unjust gains. 

We will love to hear from You. In case You are facing any issue related to servicing of your insurance policy or claim under your insurance policy or you feel that you have been cheated or taken for granted by your insurance Company – Please reach out to us immediately at Case Jeeto ® 

We will work to make sure that You get what you rightly deserve in your journey to success. 

Preferably you should reach us before making any claim under your insurance policy so that we can help you in submitting your claim properly to the insurance Company and you can get your claim amount without any undue delay.

You should contact us immediately if:

You need help in understanding whether any claim that you are submitting under your insurance policy to your Insurance Company would be payable as per policy terms and condition or not.

You need help in understanding and getting unbiased view on whether your claim is payable as per industry practice

You need technical help in getting your concerns (be it servicing issue, sales issue or claims issue) with your Insurance Company resolved at earliest

If you are in doubt whether to contact us or not – we suggest you to get in touch with us and we shall let you know, whether it would make sense for you to seek our help or not, as our only motive is to help and empower you in your journey of Case Jeeto® 

Key motivation for us to work is You and what drives Us is our passion to ensure that we help You in your journey of Case Jeeto® 

We understand each one of us is different and so are our insurance issues. We believe one size fit all does not work when it comes to insurance related issues. We will work with You by understanding your individual concern and would help you resolve the same based on your unique circumstances. 

We would be providing You with requisite information, knowledge, industry practices and wining strategies so that, You can to take right steps in your journey to win cases – Case Jeeto®  

We may also take up your Case with our panel of industry experts, so that You get relevant guidance and are empowered to win cases!.  

We are passionate of what we do and hence while money is important, it’s not the only thing that drive us to serve You! We generally charge one time non-refundable registration fees of Rs 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) as that helps us to serve You better. 

Once registered you shall become our esteemed privileged CJ Member and would be eligible to avail host of service benefits depending upon your requirement . 

As CJ Member you would be eligible for free insurance query handling and would also be able to avail paid services that come with a “Satisfaction Guarantee” ie you do not pay us if you are not satisfied with the service outcome. 

For senior citizen and women customers, we provide Pro-bono services (free services) which cover free insurance query handling. 

Please contact us if you need any clarification on the above at [email protected]. 

We are dependent on the information being shared by you to help you in this journey of Case Jeeto® and hence you are request to provide true, correct and complete information at all time to us. 

You will have to ensure correctness and completeness of the information being shared with us, as we shall not be able to help, in case any information is subsequently found by us to be false, incorrect or incomplete. 

We are conscious of what we do and thus we do not take up any matter, which we believe could be a potential fraud or may be construed as unethical in any way or create any conflict of interest situation for Us. 

We are conscious of our services and our customer testimonial reflects the confidence our customer have in us. We take our customer feedback seriously and you can reach out to us for any feedback by writing directly to our CEO at [email protected] and you will get a revert from our CEO within 24 working hours. 

No you cannot purchase any insurance product from Case Jeeto. Neither do we solicit insurance policies nor are we associated with sale or distribution of insurance products. Please read our Disclaimer on website carefully before registering.  

We do not accept any cash payment. Please do not hand over any cash to any individual claiming illegally in our name. You will have to make online payment in our bank account directly through banking channel . In case you are facing any issue while making payment, please reach out to us and we shall be happy to assist you further. 

We work hard to ensure our customer grievance are resolved in the lowest possible time. Depending upon the complexity, nature of complaint and forum used for resolution of complaint, the time line will vary. However we shall ensure we revert to you within 24 hours of you contacting us with full and complete information.